Soul Inspiration


I participated in, and experienced, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith’s ( three-hour seminar at Renaissance Unity in Warren, Michigan ( on June 27, 2009. It was a wonderful, uplifting experience for my soul, and also for my mind, body and spirit. It was magical and magnificent all at the same time. Dr. Beckwith’s goal that morning was to “free our souls”. The following “Embodiment” excerpt from Dr. Beckwith’s book, Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential (page 46), speaks of this freedom. It also talks about coming into our “true nature” or Authentic Self. This passage truly is liberating. I suggest you read it out loud in order to receive the optimal, positive, uplifting affect. Read it as if you have written the passage yourself. I would definitely recommend this book as an excellent read and resource if you are truly desirous of fulfilling your soul’s potential and transforming your life.



“In this moment, I move into a celebratory consciousness, a grateful consciousness for the realization that as I surrender my life to the Real, it is made more and more manifest in my experience, placing me in alignment with what Is. With the simplicity of a child, I embrace the Real, even as it embraces me.
I hear with my inner ear the part I am to play in each area of my life. As I surrender to this guidance, I am not robbed of my individuality; I am freed from the sway of my ego that would glorify itself. So I turn with complete confidence to the Presence within and hear it say, ‘When you place your attention on that which is Real, you will behold your original face, your true nature of Wholeness.’
In my sense of individuality I know that I am undivided from the Whole. And knowing I am undivided from the whole, I proclaim that all of my needs are met on every level of my existence. There is divine peace. There is divine order. There is abundance, health, vitality, safety, and security. There is harmony and creativity. I am bold enough to accept this. I am confident enough to witness to the presence of the living God within and around me. This is the Reality upon which I rely, knowing that it transcends any paradigms of lack, limitation, and not enoughness. The divine life that I am transcends all diagnosis and prognosis. I begin again, right now, and step into Reality.
I honor the integrity of my spirit and court the best that is yet to come, the next stage in my evolution. I accept that it is safe to embrace and express my Authentic Self. Into the field of the sacred ‘yes’, my every cell, every organ, every action and function of my body, mind and spirit is made whole. All of my relationships are shot through with unconditional love, compassion, joy, and purpose.
Discipline becomes a blissapline because I realize it leads to my ultimate freedom. During good times and challenging times, I meditate without attachment to the fruits of my practice. Whether peace or restlessness is the undercurrent of my practice, it is my offering of love to the Spirit. I sit and practice for the love of it, not simply to gain merit or experience a spiritual high. I meditate to walk through the door of freedom and know that I am welcomed by an all-loving Presence.
I go forth and joyously play my part without attachment to the fruits of my actions. I offer them to the Spirit as an act of love. I bow before the Reality of the life that is within me, beating my heart, breathing my breath, moving me from one place to another. For this and so much more, I am so utterly grateful and simply allow it to be.”


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