Childbirth Sessions

Birthing from the Heart is a process used to help pregnant mothers (and, if desired, their birthing partners) come from their heart in pre-natal bonding, birthing, and during postpartum care. This process enables one to identify any present fears of pregnancy, birthing, and parenthood. It then works in a loving, gentle, non-invasive manner to emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and energetically release these fears and stressors.

Various techniques are utilized within session to eliminate related fears, concerns, and body tensions, including deep relaxations, visualizations, meditations, ZPoint Process, hypnosis, Reiki energy, Body Dialogue and Chinese Energetic Medicine. Utilizing this Birthing from the Heart process creates a sense of safety for a natural, relaxed, confident and comfortable pregnancy and birthing experience.

Birthing from the Heart will bring about self-love, empowerment and family bonding. It will strengthen the intuitive, emotional connection between baby and parents, and also will open one’s heart to fully embrace the deeper, righter, and joyous aspect of life itself.


What parents are saying:

“How could I believe when I had gone through, not one, but two long and excruciating labors?  I was petrified.  Then I found Deborah.  This birth took four and a half hours.  I was relaxed and comfortable all the way.  It was wonderful.”

“Birthing from the Heart was far more than we had even hoped for.  Our daughter came into the world so easily and in such a calm manner.”

What the medical field is saying:

“This is just incredible.  When I get pregnant, I’m coming to you.” – an OB/GYN Physician

“This is the way all babies should come into the world.” – an Obstetrical Nurse

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