“We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own.” Ben Sweetland

Are you seeking a way to keep a steady flow of vibrant energy in your life?

Deborah offers energy therapies as a complimentary component to her therapeutic sessions. This brings a new level of effectiveness to each client session; generating a positive space for growth and healing.

At times, the trauma and challenges we face brings our energy and vibrations to a low level. This creates a block in progress towards living a full and empowered life.

Deborah understands where energy work fits with each unique client. She evaluates where potential blocks may be present and gently brings imbalance back into alignment.

Many energy modalities are used by Deborah during her sessions including Reiki, Chinese Energetic Medicine, and ZPoint Processing. Body Dialogue is another useful tool that yields great results every time it is implemented.

Deborah also integrates creative intuitive visualization and meditation.

Experience the results that can be achieved through these powerful sessions.